Our personal assistant service conquers the day-to-day.


  • Errand Services

  • Shopping/Returns/Gifts

  • Pack & Ship 

  • Pet Visits 

  • Digital Music Management

  • Dry Cleaning Pick Up/Drop Off

  • Car Maintenance Appointments

  • Injury Care: Errands, Home Help, etc


Our home management service mantains 

your beautiful property.


  • Delivery Coordination/Supervision

  • Housekeeping

  • Organization/De-Cluttering

  • In-Home Service Supervision

  • Interior Design

  • Renovations/Remodels

  • Interior Décor

  • Rental Preparation

Our personal concierge service offers a resettlement plan tailored to your needs. 


  • Moving Coordination 

  • Real Estate Brokerage

  • Property History Research

  • Neighborhood/School Research

  • Interior Design & Renovation 

  • Unpacking And Organization

  • Service Arrangement: Utilities, etc.

  • Delivery Supervision


South Florida is a thriving, diverse community with world-class cultural experiences and leisure activities. The challenge for residents is finding time to enjoy them. Home projects, daily chores, unexpected life changes and ongoing family and professional obligations seem to take over our lives.


Well, here’s how to get more of your most precious commodity –– time. Call 24Seven Concierge. Our team takes on your to-do list so you’re free to focus on those elements that require your personal attention –– and bring you joy. So, pick up the phone and call 24Seven Concierge today. More “me” time is a glorious thing!

We take the time to get to know you and your loved ones.

At 24Seven Concierge we see the beauty in the details and excel in this area. We don't just get the job done, we fully connect with our clients. We aim to WOW you. After the tasks are complete, our personal assistant will remind you of a siginificant date, milestone or occasion you share with a loved one and suggest gift options. We can even go the extra mile to make sure the gift is delivered, wrapped and beautifully arranged, on time. Our professional standard of excellence, attention to detail follow up, follow through and solutions driven service Guarantees Your Satisfaction.

Personalized Service
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is just around the corner. We have set aside a few select gifts for Sheila.


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“I have gifted this service as a closing gift to my clients and they are so thrilled that something like this actually exists! It makes their transitions so much easier.  They don’t have to fly into town for a furniture delivery or worry about setting up their utilities. 24Seven Concierge extends my relationship with the client beyond The Closing, on a personal level that really adds long term value for me as a Realtor and for my clients as buyers.”

Margaret Schaffer, Realtor
DeBianchi Real Estate