Dedicated To Giving       The Gift of Time
Managing Director 24 Seven Concierge

MaSyh Crudup, Founder

I have lived in major metropolitan areas — Los Angeles, San Diego, Boston and South Florida. During my time as a marketing analyst at Office Depot Corporate, I spent my lunch hour dashing out to buy a last-minute gift, or juggling meetings so I could take my pet to the vet. I realized that my co-workers and I were in the same boat


— Never Enough Time.


We spent weekends tackling the chores of daily living instead of taking part in activities we truly enjoyed.  My corporate experience sharpened my innate inclination for highly detailed work and honed my time management and interpersonal skills. No matter where my career took me there was one thing that was obvious — everyone could benefit from more time.  I recognized the same skill set I applied in my corporate career would enable me to fulfill a need


The Gift Of Time.


I’m a taskmaster. Combine that with my keen eye for detail and a vast network in South Florida and you get 24Seven Concierge. Sometimes you need to take a step

back from the busyness of life to discover your greatest self. I’m happy I did. Now I can make it easy for you, too. I’d be delighted to work with you to assess your needs and develop a customized action plan. Just pick up the phone or contact me via email. It’s easy. Isn’t your time better spent?




Credentials & Affiliations

Bentley Graduate School of Business, M.S. in Marketing

Bentley University, B.S. in Marketing

San Francisco University, Internet Marketing 


Member of the International Concierge and Lifestyle Management Association (ICLMA). 

Marlene Nussbaum
Retired Entrepreneur 
Ballen Isles
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“Masyh was invaluable when we had a quick timeframe for moving homes. We live part-time in Florida and she saved us money and time by taking care of all the logistics of the move. It was extremely comforting to know that when I needed someone to watch my two dogs and stay at my house for 3 weeks , 24seven concierge could do the job and did. My dogs were happy and my house was immaculate. Bravo Masyh!”


“Thanks to 24Seven Concierge I only hear about the mundane details of my life. And I think, oh that's nice.  I never would've gotten to that in a million years. Thank you 24Seven Concierge for your professional level of detail and attention.”

Bryan Thompson
Owner and Operator
Thompson Construction & Remodeling
Fort Lauderdale, FL

“I have gifted this service as a closing gift to my clients and they are so thrilled that something like this actually exists! It makes their transitions so much easier.  They don’t have to fly into town for a furniture delivery or worry about setting up their utilities. 24Seven Concierge extends my relationship with the client beyond The Closing, on a personal level that really adds long term value for me as a Realtor and for my clients as buyers.”

Margaret Schaffer, Realtor
DeBianchi Real Estate
Boca Raton, FL